Tips on How to Clean Vinyl Floors

Today we will share something different from Corporate Gifts as this is some of the tips I gather while reading up on how to maintain my office vinyl flooring.

First and foremost, you should get rid of dirt and chemicals using a doormat. With a doormat, you can help protect your vinyl floor against two main enemies, and that is chemicals and dirt. On the same note, tracked in dirt will take you a lot of time to get rid of. On the other hand. Grit is just like sandpaper, eliminating the finish from the floor. And even though they are not visible, chemicals can easily get stuck on your shoes as well as floor, making it yellow.

Let’s check out the following tips:

Ensure your floors are as clean as possible

The trick to ensuring your floor is ever clean is by keeping it in great shape always, the same is true for vinyl flooring. Get rid of the dirt even before it settles on the ground, and your floor will be happy to serve you for the longest time possible. Further, ensure you always sweep the floor on a regular basis, although you may be contented with the idea of running a soft broom across the floor every night before you go to sleep

Get rid of the hair spray

If hair spray has collected on your floor over time, you can shampoo to get it away. Of course, shampoo works on the hair, mix a small amount of shampoo with warm water, mop and the rinse well with a damp mop.

Get familiar with low impact cleaning methods

Do not use heavy duty cleanings to get rid of dirt. The best thing to do is to clean the floor with the mildest technique. Vacuum or sweep the floor every evening.  When you spill on the floor, make sure you wipe it right away. To get rid of the dirt that vacuum or broom cannot get, dampen a mop in warm water and clean the floor. If that does not work, use a soap instead, but ensure the soap is specifically meant for the floor.

Use the perfect cleanser

If you vinyl doesn’t need cleaning, use a cleaner to wash it. There are cleaner made specifically for no wax floors. Make sure you follow instructions to the letter. If you have an old floor that needs waxing, clean with warm water as well as detergent. You should note rub off the wax because you will be force to rub it again. Once you are done cleaning, use cool water to rinse or else you will leave residue on your floor.

Also, drench the vinyl. If your mop is overly wet will work perfectly and accesses seams, cracks and edges. Once you get there, it can easily hold the vinyl making it curl or loose.

Rinse well

Make sure you rinse well to get rid of any soap on the floor. If soap is not removed, it can leave a film that will eventually collect dirt. Unless the floor needs thorough cleaning, use a damp mop to clean the floor. When you don’t wash the floor use one mop for washing and another for rinsing.


Non-wax floor has a coating that makes it to shine. For that reason, wax will not work well with the coating and will leave dirt on the floor. You should not use wax and mop products.  On the other hand, if the vinyl floor loses its shine, you can restore it with a sealant or polish made for this type of flooring. Also, you should thoroughly clean the floor and apply at least two layers. The silent will make the floor shine once again for a long time. You only need to do the routine damp mopping. If you floor is old and needs waxing, then you should only wax when the sheen starts to disappear, but make sure you follow instructions.

You should outfit your appliances as well as furniture with a protective feet. Heavy items such as fridges and tables can easily dent vinyl flooring. To prevent these dents from taking place, fit your furniture and appliances with floor protectors. You can purchase them in stores in your area.

Do away with casters

Casters can damage your floor. So, use chairs with felt tips which won’t damage vinyl.

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