Namecard Holder

Turn your company’s name card holder into a great corporate giveaway

Name card holders are pretty much all over the place. You can see them on office tables all over corporate America. They are very easy to spot. They often make for great conversation pieces. The best part is they really don’t cost all that much. They come in a wide range of materials.


This ubiquity should be a dead giveaway to you. The fact that your competitiors as well as other organizations in your industry are spending their precious resources on this type of corporate gift indicates that somehow someway, these gifts make an impact. They produce some sort of result. Otherwise, other intelligent organizations spendign their hard-earned dollars on these items. It’s easy to see why-people who use such items are normally either in business or are interested in business. The item is also often displayed in a very public place. Finally, the item affords a wide variety of looks. You are given a tremendous amount of options in how to present your logo or brand. Accordingly, these corporate gifts give you a tremendous amount of control as far as how you can source these items.

However, just because you have a cost and branding advantage with this type of giveaway, it doesn’t automatically follow that your company should give away name card holders. If you are just going to any kind of corporate activity just to go through it, your chances of failure are quite high. At the very least, you might only get to enjoy mediocre results. As you probably know, in today’s modern, global, corporate environment, mediocre results are not enough. You either get excellent results or you’re better off trying another approach. Those are the rules of the game. When it comes to corporate giveaways, it’s very easy to see the value of giving away a name card holder. However, just because the value is apparent doesn’t necessarily mean this is the kind of campaign you should embark on. Here are just some tips on how your company could possibly use your name card holder into a great corporate giveaway.

They are easy to see in the right context

The great thing about name card holders is that people only see them in the right context. In particular, people only see them when they are in the office of a co-worker and they’re discussing business. They glance down and they see the name holder with your logo on it. If both people are in your target audience and in the right industry, the name card holder will pack a quite heavy marketing punch.

Ride the practicality of these items

Most people have a tough time keeping track of business cards so every little bit helps as far as equipment is concerned. There is a tremendous demand for business card holders. However, few people bother to go out of their way and take precious time off their schedule to scope out name holders.

This is a powerful opportunity for your company. By taking the initiative to offer people a holder for their business cards, you make it easier for them to take action on their problem. They don’t have to worry about spending time and money to solve that problem. In their minds, it’s a low-level problem. They’ll get to it when they have time to get to it. This is a golden opportunity for you because you solve their problems and they’re not really in the market to look for alternatives. Now that you have your branding device in their office, it’s more likely they would use it. When they use it, they end up “infecting” other people in the office with your brand. You end up riding the practicality of these items.

Do customer intelligence ahead of time

A little bit of customer intelligence could go a long way. Run a survey, take a poll and do a small focus group. Do whatever you need to do to get into the minds of your intended recipients. See what their actual office practices and habits are. If you notice that the vast majority of your intended recipients work from home, a name card holder might not be a good choice for a corporate gift.

Pick the right size

Ideally speaking, it would be nice to give away name card holders that are the size of small billboards. Unfortunately, they are impractical. They eat a lot of desk space. Instead of getting your recipients to love your brand they might end up hating your brand because you’ve given them something that hogs up so much desk space. Do advance customer intelligence so you can get a rough idea of what their preferred size and dimensions are.

Pick a design that highlights your brand or logo

The payload of any name card holder giveaway is to put your brand in the front and center. This is very hard to do if you pick a design that somehow obscures your brand or logo. That doesn’t work. Make sure that the design place up your brand but at the same time isn’t so much tacky. It shouldn’t take up so much space that it makes your brand look bad. You don’t want to look cheesy or classless.

Pick a design that is durable enough

The bottom line in any kind of branding done through corporate giveaways is to maximize interaction. You’re able to do this because the item you’ve given away is durable enough that it last a long time. When it lasts a long time, people are able to engage with it over an extended period of time. Each of this engagement might yield to actual corporate contact. That’s your holy grail. That’s what you’re shooting for. Accordingly, the name card holder you’re giving away should at least be durable enough to maximize contact or interaction with your brand.

Pay a premium for the right impression

The bottom line here is maximizing your brand’s ability to connect with your target audience members. You might have to pay extra for this. Depending on what your research says regarding your customer needs and the range of scenarios in which they would use your name card holder, this might be money well spent. Never shy away from paying a premium for maximizing brand interaction and overall effectiveness.

The Best Time to Give Corporate Gifts

Most companies’ award gifts to those people they find valuable to the company as a way of showing their appreciation during festive holidays or on special occasions. When the company decides to give gifts it’s always best to send them at the appropriate time so as to relay their message even better.  Make enquiries on the best time to give gifts if you are not sure when to send the gifts.

Client’s gifts

black mug

It is very important to send gifts to clients to show them that you appreciate them and their relationship. Whether it’s a small company or a large company appreciating your clients is eminent. When you decide to send the gifts make sure that your timing is perfect. You do not want your gift to reach in an empty office or again to reach to the recipients too early. Do a proper research on occasions and celebrations before sending out gifts .you might find that some people do not celebrate some occasions. Make sure that you give your client the upper hand when giving out gifts.

When giving clients gifts do not send gifts when you are trying to seal deal with that client. They might find it offensive and hence the company loses. If you really feel the need to send a gift wait till the contract between your company and their company has been accepted, signed and agreed then you can send.

Always know the best time to send corporate gifts to clients. You can send a gift to a client after you have completed a project. Moreover, you can send a gift when they are launching a product because it helps strengthen the relationship for future working partnership.

Employees gifts

Giving an employee a gift helps strengthen the working relationship. An employee who receives a gift from the company he or she works for feels appreciated. He or she will work even harder to improve the services of the company.

A happy worker or employee means a productive company. Giving gifts to employees should also be at the right time such as: employees who have worked hard to secure deals, or celebrating a colleague who has just been promoted to a new position, during festive holidays or even their birthdays and anniversaries.

Some gifts that the company can awards their employees with are salary bonuses, restaurant gift cards, gift cards for them. When giving gifts to employees always make them feel all equal and appreciated and no one should be given a gift of more value than the other. Co-workers always relay information to one another so if they discover that their gifts are either higher or lower they may become proud or resent the company.

Service providers

Service providers for your companies would also feel appreciated when they get gifts from your company. They realise that although they are not employees their work does not go noticed also. But always take precaution before handing out gifts to service providers. Find if they have restriction with receiving gifts.

The best time to give theme gifts is mostly at the end of year, or a national festive holiday celebrated by everyone. The best gift for them is giving them a small amount of money depending on whom or what they do for the company. One can also give out gift cards if you do not really know them with a small message of appreciation

No matter the size of the gifts everyone who gets its at the right time always feels appreciated be it the clients or customers, the employees or even the supervisors. They all work harder towards the success of the company and its growth.